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EDNS Compliance in African networks (Internship@AFRINIC)

edns computerAfter February 1st 2019 major public DNS resolver operators listed below will disable workarounds for standards non-compliance. This change will affect domains hosted on authoritative servers which do not comply either with original DNS standard from 1987 (RFC1035) or the newer EDNS standards from 1999 (RFC2671 and RFC6891). Non-compliant domains may become unreachable through these services.

AFRINIC has a list of reverse domains for prefixes delegated to members which are publicly accessible:

AFRINIC also provides secondary DNS services to ccTLDs in Africa (30 ccTLDs) and maintain secondary DNS services for around 150 zones.

AFRINIC would like to run EDNS compliance tests on all reverse domains and domains from ccTLDs in Africa. The results will be reported on a dashboard or via the WIDER platform. More information can be found here:

Keywords: DNS, EDNS, data visualization



Number of Students/Interns required Duration
 1  3-6 months
 Key deliverables  Skills required
  1. Survey of EDNS non-compliant domains from AFRINIC reverse DNS and secondary DNS zones
  2. Data characterisation and visualization
  3. Data API
  1. Bash scripting
  2. Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  3. Web development (Python/Django, Php, Angular.js, etc)



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