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AFRINIC Research Collaborations (ARC)

AFRINIC collaborates with research institutions in Africa to conduct technical and policy-based research. We focus our research on the various challenges that network operators and end-users in Africa face. We work with academic/research institutions to co-supervise student projects. Students who are interested in contributing to research on issues that are of interest to the African Internet community can apply for our internship programme.

We are also happy to collaborate with experienced researchers on longer-term projects with the aim of solving issues that affect the development of the Internet or Internet service delivery in Africa. AFRINIC research thus focuses on the areas listed below and we look forward to receiving proposals from interested students, faculty, and institutions.

  • End-to-end Internet performance measurement
  • Internet topology characteristics, including peering and routing
  • Application-level performance, including DNS, Web, CDNs, Cloud Computing
  • Detection of middleboxes, censorship, and content filtering
  • Data analytics and visualisation for network monitoring and traffic analysis
  • Network topology and performance visualisation
  • Internet access, use, and quality of experience
  • Internet freedom, digital security and privacy
  • Internet protocols development
  • Internet policy




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