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Detection of NAT/CGNAT in African networks (Internship@AFRINIC)

detectorNAT and CGNAT are translation mechanisms that are used by network operators to translate between private and public IP addresses. Networks on NAT have private IP addresses and will use a single public IP address for outbound communication. At a wider scale, CGNAT is often used for e.g. by mobile operators whereby user phones are all working on private IP ranges and consequently, usage of NAT is not helpful in promoting the deployment of IPv6 networks.

This project is about defining a new methodology or adapt an existing methodology to detect NAT and CGNAT in the wild in African networks. Once the detection mechanism in place, measurement campaigns will be run to unveil the NAT/CGNAT prevalence. Data collected will be visualised on a map to provide insights about NAT/CGNAT usage.

Keywords: internet measurements, data visualisation, research



Number of Students/Interns required Duration
 1  3-6 months
 Key deliverables  Skills required
  1. Adaptation of existing methodologies to detect NAT/CGNAT
  2. Data characterisation and visualization
  3. Data API
  1. Bash scripting
  2. Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  3. Web development (Python/Django, Php, Angular.js, etc)



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