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How to create AS-SET objects on MyAFRINIC Portal

  1. Log in to ​
  2. Go to “​Resources​” > “​IRR”​
  3. Click on “AS-SET” on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. You will see all existing AS-SET objects which have your organisation’s ORG-HDL linked. If your existing AS-SET is not listed, you will have to edit the AS-SET and add your ORG-HDL.
  5. To create an AS-SET object, click on “ADD AS-SET”
  6. A form with all mandatory fields of an AS-SET object will be displayed. Fill in the form accordingly. You may use suggested values by clicking on the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of each field or type in a value;
    1. The “as-set” name should start with “AS-”
    2. The “descr” is the description which should be an ASCII string.
    3. The “org” should be your organisation’s ORG-HDL
    4. The “admin-c” and “tech-c” must both be NIC-HDLs for a valid contact in the AFRINIC WHOIS database.
    5. The “mnt-by” must be the “mnt-ref” from your organisation object on the AFRINIC WHOIS database.
      myaf irr 9

    6. To add members to your AS-SET, click on “ADD WHOIS ATTRIBUTES”.
    7. In the “Select Attributes” pop-up choose “members” and click on “ADD”
      myaf irr 10
    8. Add the AS numbers of the members delimited by a comma if more than one member
      myaf irr 11
  7. Once all the mandatory fields are provided, click on “OK”. The pop-up below will be displayed. Provide the password of the maintainer which was specified as the “mnt-by” in the route object and click on “OK”
    myaf irr 12
  8. The below will be displayed after the successful creation of the AS-SET object;
    myaf irr 13
  9. You may query the AFRINIC whois database to view the newly created route6 object.


 Frequently Encountered Problems


  1. Existing AS-SET object is not displayed on MyAFRINIC

    If your existing AS-SET does not include your organisation’s ORG-HDL, it will not be displayed under the IRR page on MyAFRINIC. If you wish to manage the AS-SET on the MyAFRINIC portal, you will have to edit your AS-SET and add your org-hdl to it. See more info ​here​.

  2. Authorisation failed when creating AS-SETs.
    myaf irr 15
    This error is displayed when either the incorrect maintainer is used as the mnt-by in the AS-SET object or an invalid password was provided. To look up the maintainer which should be used, refer to ​this​ FAQ. If you wish to reset the maintainer, follow ​these​ steps.



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