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How to find/identify an existing maintainer?

Usually AFRINIC creates a maintainer for all members and communicate on the cleartext password when they enroll for membership and the IP resources are issued to the organisation.

Note that a maintainer is not the nic-hdl you use as username to access the MyAFRINIC portal

You can easily identify your maintainer, referenced as mnt-lower, mnt-domain or mnt-routes on of the objects(org, inetnum, inet6num or aut-num) held by the organisation you represent.

You can easily identify your maintainer object if you know your inetnum(IPv4 prefix), inet6num(IPv6) or aut-num(ASN)


You can query the objects of your organisation to find the maintainer(s) referenced.:

1. For example if a person knows his inetnum as

2. Go to

3. Select Query

4. Ensure Flags “r” and “B” are checked under “Flags”

mnt 0

5. Click Search

6. The details of the objects are then displayed and you can easily note the maintainer, which in this case is “AFRINIC-IT-MNT”

mnt 1

7. Note that you should never use AFRINIC-HM-MNT to create any objects on the  AFRINIC WHOIS database. AFRINIC-HM-MNT is only used by AFRINIC RIR and only some staff hold the authentication rights.








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